Sunday, August 14, 2011

Safe place to live

It's nice living here. This country is very safe even when you're walking alone in the middle of the night. You always know that big brother is always watching.

Noise pollution

I'm renting out a small room near the central city area. Despite being a first world country, can't help to notice how poorly our room is built to shield out noise from outside. I can hear noises from the other room- the shutting/opening of doors. Dragging furnitures above and below my room. Sounds of sports car off the street, honking ships, ground breaking and steels from construction sites; even voices of crowd from faraway penetrate my room. I read in the news that the ambient noise in this country is measured in the quiet of the night is at least 55 decibels, compared with 40 to 50 decibels in Europe! I should start buying earplugs but the problem is, I won't be able to hear my alarm clock. lol


On my second month working in a foreign land. Tap water don't seem to taste funky anymore. Buses and trains are the daily norm. Going to work early and leaving late is a routine. E-mails from work aren't a bother anymore. I can understand the locals through their accents. I guess I'm adapting.